Why Giving Matters

Researchers at Harvard University collected data on 30,000 American families from 41 communities coast to coast in a comprehensive look at people’s service behavior and charitable giving.  Researchers came up with the following counterintuitive finding—that when people

Make your Auction Baskets more appealing

Auction Basket Gift baskets add excitement to an auction and can help  raise more money. We wanted to share some basket-assembly tips (see image) that can really add to your baskets and make them look like professionals

Why Give?

Why Give? Poverty can be solved. Effective interventions can break the cycle of poverty for the world’s neediest people. Preventing and fighting diseases can keep children healthy and in school. Effective healthcare allows parents to continue supporting

Do good, Always

Doing Good is no longer about just a cup of coffee, but where it comes from, the people who grow it, and the communities they call home. Doing good centers on others, helping people otherwise forgotten. It’s